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President calls for formation of new government

Published on : 11 May, 2021 12:21 am

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has called a Member of Parliament (MP) for claiming premiership with the support of two or more than two political parties by 13 May.

Issuing a press statement, Assistant Spokesperson at the Office of the President Keshav Prasad Ghimire said that President Bhandari has given the deadline of 9:00 pm on Thursday (13 May) for furnishing the claim by a MP for the appointment as the Prime Minister with the backing of two or more than two political parties as per the Article 76 (2) of the Constitution of Nepal.

President Bhandari made this call as a letter received from the Speaker of the House of Representative (HoR) states that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli could not get a vote of confidence from the HoR on Monday.

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