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PM addresses HoR session, seeks support in government’s effort to stem coronavirus

Published on : 10 May, 2021 4:32 pm

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called for support and cooperation in the government’s effort to its campaign against COVID-19.
In his address to the House of Representatives (HoR) session summoned today in connection with the vote of confidence, PM Oli urged one and all to join hands in the campaign to prevent and control the coronavirus.
“Coronavirus infection has prevailed across the globe, we are also fighting against the pandemic. The government has effectively taken ahead action against coronavirus being focused on its prevention and treatment,” the prime minster said.
PM Oli underlined the need of unity among all against coronavirus keeping aside differences in political principles and ideology.
Noting that the government has faced several allegations and criticisms while focusing on measures against Covid-19 pandemic, he took an exception to blame the prime minster and the government for corruption in the procurement of medicines. He expressed readiness to probe into the alleged corruption in the procurement of drugs and take any action if it was proved.
The prime minister further said the government has focused its all-out efforts to stem coronavirus by establishing new hospitals and beds. A special arrangement has been made for the coronavirus-infected lawmakers to cast their vote in today’s session of the parliament.
He urged all lawmakers to vote the motion of trust to the prime minister. Representatives of other political parties would put their opinion over the proposal of the prime minister in seeking vote of confidence. The prime minister would respond to the opinion and questions raised by party representatives. After the prime minister’s response a proposal on the vote of confidence would be presented for a decision.

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