Saturday 24th February 2024

More hospitals and beds added for Covid-19 treatment

Published on : 10 May, 2021 4:30 pm

The government has been managing physical infrastructures including hospitals and beds to prevent and control Covid-19 as well as to treat the infected ones.
With the spike in the cases during second wave of Covid-19, government has been setting up more and more hospitals and beds for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.
In a press statement issued by Spokesperson at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers here today, spokesperson Kiran Raj Acharya shared that 12 hospitals, 54 ICU rooms, 12 High-Dependency (HD) units and five ventilators were added recently for the Covid-19 response.
With this, the number of Covid-19 special hospitals has reached 505, ICU rooms 1,871, ventilator units at 741, HD Units at 2,877 and beds at 20,364.
Spokesperson Acharya further said that market monitoring was being conducted in the Kathmandu Valley amid the ongoing prohibitory order. Six fraudulent shops have been fined.
Likewise, Nepal Airlines Corporation is sending its wide-body A-330 aircraft to Chinese capital Beijing tonight to bring in essential medical supplies including 20,000 oxygen cylinders provided by the government of China in assistance.
There are currently 27,761 oxygen cylinders in the country being used to treat the Covid-19 patients.
Also, the stranded citizens in various places across the country have been rescued in chartered flights. A total of 148 people have been rescued in 127 domestic flights from Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Lukla and Surkhet airports.
Furthermore, various Nepali diplomatic missions abroad have been urged to provide essential medical supplies to Nepal as assistance.

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