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Nelumbo Nepal provides health supplies

Published on : 7 May, 2021 3:32 pm

Nelumbo Nepal has provided health supplies to Gandaki Province Health Directorate and Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences.
The organization provided health supplies worth Rs 185,750 to the Directorate and health supplies worth Rs 50,780 to the Academy.
Organisation Chair Ekdev Devkota handed over the health supplies—PPE and sets, masks, face shields, sanitizer, sanitizer stands, thermal guns, soaps, spray bottles and gloves.
On the occasion, Minister for Social Development, Nardevi Pun, has extended gratitude towards the support provided to the Province Health Directorate by the organization.
Saying the Gandaki Province government had received support worth around Rs 40 million from different organization in the first phase, Minister Pun expressed belief that the province government would also receive such support in second phase.
Similarly, Chairperson Devkota expressed commitment to provide health supplies worth Rs 1.5 million to the Directorate to fight against Covid-19 pandemic.
Director of the Academy, Dr Arjun Acharya, and Director of Directorate, Dr Binod Bindu Sharma, said that they would collaborate with the organization and the health supplies provided by the organization would be utilized.

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