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Lumbini Provincial Hospital runs short for oxygen cylinders

Published on : 6 May, 2021 5:49 pm

The Lumbini Provincial Hospital at Butwal has been reeling under the shortage of oxygen gas.
The health workers, patients and their families have been worried over the lack of oxygen gas and they have urged one and all concerned for supply of the life-saving gas.
They have taken to social networking sites for their carrying the messages to the concerned authorizes. The Hospital ran short for the oxygen cylinders since their stock also ran short and the supplier ceased to supply, according to the information officer at the Hospital, Dr Bishnu Gautam.
The usage of oxygen was rose remarkably in the Hospital with the increase of Corona Virus infected people in Covid-19 facility set up at the hospital and Butwal Thread factory.
“If the empty oxygen cylinders are not refilled or new oxygen cylinders are not supplied, the condition of patients in ICU might be critical,” worried Dr Gautam.
Since the outbreak of second wave of Covid-19, the Hospital needs around 200 cylinders daily. The lives of patients could be at stake if new oxygen cylinders would not be sent to the Hospital at the earliest, according to Dr Gautam.
Over 200 new patients have been reaching to the Butwal Hospital in a daily basis. The Fever Clinic in the Hospital has 7 beds, Covid-19 special hospital has 36 beds and 15 ICU beds.
Overcrowded Hospital has been treating Covid-19 suspected and infected people in the open space as well.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister of Lumbini Province Shanker Pokharel, taking to his social networking sites, has urged one and all to provide the oxygen cylinders to the Hospital.

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