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Tri-Nations T20 series violates the law with advertisement of liquor & gambling website along with sale of liquor

Published on : 20 April, 2021 10:05 pm

The Bajaj Pulsar Tri-Nations T20 series is being held at the Tribhuvan University Cricket Ground. The competition started on April 17 and will end on April 24. The final match between the top two teams will be played on April 25 (Saturday).

The interesting part is that the ground is filled with advertisement of online gambling website Dafabet and to make it even worse, the ground also has a liquor stall of Yarshagumba Whiskey and the whiskey is being sold at the ground openly during the match. While such a big international competition is being held in the country, the law has been openly violated. Looking at the activities on the ground, it seems as if the law has permitted gambling. Otherwise, what is the point of advertising a gambling site in such a big competition and openly selling alcohol under different names amidst the Corona epidemic on the playground!

What is Dafabet ?

Dafabet is a privately owned online gambling company based in Makati, Philippines. It is the flagship brand and subsidiary of AsianBGE, licensed by the Cagan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) and regulated by First Cagan Ledger and Resorts Corporation (FCLRC). Dafabet operates a website that provides clients with a secure online gambling service.

What does the law say about gambling?

Gambling is illegal in Nepal. Gambling is also clearly prohibited for Nepalese citizens in licensed casinos in Kathmandu. Local police have tightened restrictions on playing in casinos and any form of gambling activities. Many who break the law have been arrested and fined. Those who break the law a second or third time are sent to prison.

Any form of gambling is illegal in Nepal.

The law has been mocked with the consent of the regulatory body CAN. In this regard, CAN General Secretary Ashok Pyakurel admitted that the gambling app had been removed on Sunday and claimed that alcohol was not sold openly. In a conversation with Lokpath, Pyakurel added, “We have also removed the advertisement of alcohol. We will not allow it to be sold openly. ‘

The sole right of adverting in the competition is with Ad Pad Pvt. Ltd. and all the work related to the sale of advertisement is done by the same company. When we inquired about the situation, the director of the company Bikash Lamichhane said that they have not broken the law and have not made any mistake.

Government’s regulation of liquor advertising

In the late 1990s, Nepal banned the advertisement of alcohol in electronic media for the first time. The government of Nepal imposed additional restrictions in 2017, banning liquor companies from publishing advertisements in print media and engaging in any form of promotional activities, including sponsorship. But even to this date, advertisements of liquor can be seen in different ways be it in festivities or any other names. The regulatory body has acted indifferent in such activities.

Some time ago, illegal online betting had flourished in Nepal using digital wallets, and such activity was intervened by the administration.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Nepal right now.

Cricket has become equally popular among Nepali youth in the football nation.

Amidst such a competition with a large number of young spectators, where is the advertisement of gambling site and open sale of liquor leading the society? To which direction is the youth being motivated? The concerned bodies must pay attention to such matters and take appropriate steps as soon as possible to prevent such things from happening again.

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