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67 people scaled the Annapurna on the same day

Published on : 20 April, 2021 9:34 am

In the first spring of this year, 67 people have successfully climbed the world’s tenth highest Annapurna (first) mountain known as Killer Mountain on Friday, April 16.

Pemba Sherpa, a guide, informed that 67 people, including journalist Purnima Shrestha and 67 other Nepali women, have successfully climbed the 8,091-meter-high Annapurna Himal at Annapurna Gaonpalika-4 Narchang in Myagdi on the 16th of April.

Six women, including journalist Shrestha, Dawa Yangjum Sherpa, Pasanglamu Sherpa, Maya Sherpa, Sharmila Sengtang and Davuti Sherpa had successfully climbed on the same day. Earlier, Nepali women climbers had not been able to successfully summit the Annapurna.

The team reached Chucharo on April 16, after a six-day journey from Annapurna Base Camp. 67 people, including six Nepali women, successfully climbed Annapurna, Sherpa said. It is said that 15 out of the 17 people who went for the ascent from the Seven Summit takeaway have successfully ascended. Sherpa informed that the team including Shrestha reached Annapurna at 1:15 am on April 16.

According to Shrestha, the team had to face many dangers and risks when they reached the top of the Annapurna in a six-day journey from the base camp. Sherpa said that the team was successful in ordering the food, oxygen, ropes and other supplies from the helicopter. Sherpa has urged the government to build hotels, public toilets and pavilions up to the Annapurna base camp which is situated in such a beautiful geography. Maurice Herzog and Louis McKinnon, both French nationals, first set foot on Annapurna Peak 70 years ago. They had successfully ascended Annapurna on June 3, 1950.

Journalist Shrestha honored in Myagdi

Journalist Purnima Shrestha’s team, who set a record by successfully climbing Annapurna , has been honored in Myagdi on Monday. Purnima Shrestha, the first woman to reach the top of the 8,091-meter-high Annapurna Peak, has been honored in Beni by Annapurna villagers, Narchang residents and Federation of Nepali Journalists, Myagdi. Along with Shrestha, Pemba Sherpa and Yaro from Poland were honored.

Speaking at the felicitation program organized by the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Myagdi, Shrestha said that she was able to set foot on the top of Annapurna Peak with confidence. She shared her experience of successful ascent by courage. She responded that she was happier that not only the first Nepali woman, but a Nepali youth had reached the peak. She thanked all the supporters including Gandaki Province and Annapurna Rural Municipality for their support in this successful journey.

On April 16, 67 people, including six Nepali women, reached the summit of Annapurna Peak. Pemba Sherpa, the chief guide of the summit, said that this year should be considered as the year when most of the Nepali women have reached the peak. Pemba also climbed Annapurna for the first time.

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