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Jose Mourinho Sacked Yet Again! Hotspurs competing in final without manager

Published on : 19 April, 2021 5:11 pm

Suyogya Shrestha -Kathmandu : The english top flight football club Totenham Hotspurs has announced the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

Joining the club in the 2019-20 season Jose had a roller coaster ride with Spurs as he started very firmly but could not continue with the same spark consistency.

Managing some of the greatest squads in history of the game, the manager has a decorated CV under his belt,but the spark had not been lit to go on and continue the winning spree.

With a young talented team in the squad Tottenham has huge potential in terms of challenge. Once a legendary manager his last two clubs were experiencing deteriorating management under him and failed to provide what was expected of him from the board.

Infact this was his wrost season in an spectacular career.

Simultanious sacking in his last two jobs shows the manager isnt what he once was, it may be due to evolution of the modern game and exposure of his style he dosent seem to have what he was notoriously famous for.

Without the ‘A’ tier coaches available in the market it would be intresting to see who will take care of the job or even the stars in the team would stay for the rebuilt job rather then competing for trophies next season. Its now or never for Totenham Hotspurs

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