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Wild fires reported in 60 forests in Kalikot

Published on : 12 April, 2021 2:44 pm

Kathmandu : Fires have broken out in 60 forests in Kalikot district. The District Forest Office, Kalikot said bushfires have been reported in 56 community forests and four government forests in the district so far.

The forest areas have turned into black patches after most of the community and government forests were destroyed by fire.

“We have mobilised the forest employees for fire control. We don’t know when and where the wild fires break out,” Officiating Chief of the Office, Deepak Raj Sanjyal, said.

He said many employees have been mobilised to the areas where the forest fires have been reported and they are in the process of collecting data regarding the damage.

According to him, preliminary information shows that forest fires have damaged nearly 200 hectares forest.

There are 220 community forests in Kalikot district. It is said bushfires are taking place due to the negligence of the consumers.

Air pollution has also increased in Kalikot due to the smoke from the forest fires and the District Public Health Office has urged people to take necessary precaution like wearing masks and not coming out of the house unless it is unavoidable.

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