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Teachers agitate in Shigas, warning to stop exams !

Published on : 9 April, 2021 11:22 am

Tek Singh Dhami – Dhangadhi : Teachers working in various schools of Shigas village municipality of Baitadi have warned to intensify the agitation.

Laxmi Shah Chand, chairperson of the Swayamsevak Shikshak Sangharsh Samiti, said that they have been forced to join the agitation as they have not received their salaries since last July.

“We have been urging for a long time to resolve our issue,” she said. But the village municipality has not taken care of it.

The struggle committee has stated that they have ignored the repeated requests for payment of salary. Chand said that they have started agitation programs such as not going to school from April 12 and not allowing the annual examination to be conducted if their salaries are not paid.

Similarly, the teachers have demanded to correct the procedure as the village municipality has changed the procedure without consulting the volunteer teachers. They have also requested to correct the procedure and keep them as volunteer teachers.

There are 191 private teachers working in various community schools in Shigas village.

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