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Gagan Thapa’s allegation : ‘PM seeks revenge with Parliament’

Published on : 23 March, 2021 3:19 pm

Kathmandu : Opposition Nepali Congress (NC) MP Gagan Thapa has accused Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of seeking revenge with the parliament.

Speaking during the zero hour of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Thapa, who is also a former minister, accused the government of making the parliament useless.

Similarly, Thapa has been insisting that the government has not been allowed to make laws despite the rumors that the House of Representatives and the National Assembly have not been formed.

“Because the prime minister will take revenge on this parliament.” Leader Thapa said, “Rumors that a law to control acid attackers is not allowed to be made but not a single bill will be passed in the parliament? Don’t even call a meeting of the National Assembly to make the bill a law? ‘

Similarly, Prime Minister Oli accused the parliament of dissolving it out of whim and making it useless.

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