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Weather will be clear across the country By tomorrow

Published on : 17 February, 2021 11:36 am

Kathmandu : The weather is expected to gradually improve across the country from Thursday.

The westerly winds have caused partial to moderate cloud cover in most parts of the country in the last few days and light snowfall in some parts of the high hills and mountains.

Meteorologist Samir Shrestha said that the weather would be clear and sunny from Thursday as the system would be weakened from Wednesday night.

According to him, the system could not grow because it was not active. In order for it to rain, it should flow as much as it can with the western wind.

Currently, the weather is generally clear in the highland and mountainous areas of the country with partial cloud cover.

According to the Department of Water and Meteorology, there is a possibility of light snowfall in one or two places in the high hills and mountains in the afternoon.

According to the latest details of the Weather Forecast Division, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu Valley is 6.5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 22.5 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the lowest temperature of Jumla today is -2.7 degree Celsius.

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