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Hepatitis ‘B’ reaches to an alarming level in Dolpa

Published on : 3 February, 2021 11:31 am

Kathmandu : Seventy out of 343 patients examined in a health camp were diagnosed with hepatitis ‘B’ in Dolpobuddha rural municipality last year.

In the camp organized by Ek-Ek Paila Nepal, one was detected with HIV and three others were found with hepatitis ‘C’, shared Dr Melina Hamal, who proved health check-up service in the camp.

Immediately after the health camp, Bir Hospital’s senior lever specialist Dr Sudhamshu KC had shared that diagnosis of hepatitis ‘B’ among 30 percent of those examined at health camp was a serious indication from public health perspective.

He further said that the situation has come to an alarming point in lack of service of vaccination against hepatitis ‘B’ which needs to be inoculated immediately after the birth of a child.

Dr KC suggested the local governments to put in place massive public awareness on hepatitis ‘B’ to avert its dire consequences.

Doctors involved in the camp said that many people from Dho, Saldang, Bhijer, Chharka and Foksundo of upper Dolpa had tested positive for hepatitis ‘B’.

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