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Himalaya Airlines,Yeti Airlines enter into business collaboration

Published on : 28 January, 2021 2:18 pm

Kathmandu : Himalaya Airlines and Yeti Airlines have entered into business collaboration. For this purpose, both airlines have established a strategic business partnership between them.

They have partnered for network integration, sales growth and expansion and gradual expansion of the e-commerce working capacity of both companies.

In this connection, they have signed the first MoU for the effective implementation of application programming interface (API).
Himalaya Airlines vice-chair Bijaya Shrestha and Yeti Airlines’ chief executive officer (CEO) Anoj Rimal signed the MoU, according to the Yeti Airlines.

Himalaya Airlines, a private sector Airlines Company operated through joint investment of Nepal and China, has been operating international flights to various destinations in the Middle East Asia and South Asia.

Similarly, the private sector Yeti Airlines has expanded its network throughout Nepal and has also been operating regular flights to various domestic destinations.

As per the MoU, both airlines will issue their respective tickets, will include new services, simplify the ticket purchasing for the passengers and provide information about their services in each others’ website.

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