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Private sectors’ common view on industrial development stressed

Published on : 22 January, 2021 10:50 am

Kathmandu : Speakers at a programme here have stressed the need to have common view among private sectors on industrial development in Pokhara.

The speakers had such view at a programme organized by Pokhara Industrial Estate Association, and Pokhara Industrial Estate Management Kaski here on Thursday.

On the occasion, Chairman of Pokhara Chamber of Industry and Commerce Narayan Koirala said the government failed to properly categorize industry, agriculture and settlement area, which he argued, had created problems.

The industries were made in the open places without facilities in the past, he said, adding that the open spaces around the industries were gradually populated after the industries provided jobs to people.

He further stated that the industrial sector has contributed much to the development in Pokhara. Koirala expressed commitment to work in collaboration with the stakeholders in case of the proposed new industry at Kotre of Pokhara.

Similarly, Chief of Pokhara Industrial Estate Management Committee Bhushan Prasad Upadhyay said it was illogical that industrial estate emanated pollution. Rather, the industries would make contribution to curb pollution, he added.

Vice Chairman of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gokarna Karki stressed the need that the industry and commerce need to be developed equally and together.

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