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No-confidence motion against CM Poudel filed at provincial assembly

Published on : 22 January, 2021 3:55 pm

Kathmandu : A no-confidence motion has been tabled against Chief Minister of Bagmati Province, Dormani Poudel.

In today’s meeting of Bagmati Provincial Assembly, Arun Prasad Nepal, who resigned from the post of Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, presented the no-confidence motion.

Three provincial assembly members including three ministers of the ruling party had registered no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Poudel on December 25, 2020.

Provincial assembly member Astalaxmi Shakya has been proposed to the post of Chief Minister by relieving CM Poudel from the post in the no-confidence motion.

Presenting the no-confidence motion, outgoing minister Nepal blamed the Bagmati provincial government failed to play any role in control of COVID-19, to control crime, price hike and poverty as well as to carry out socialism-oriented activities.

Nepal, close to Nepal Communist party (NCP) Dahal-Nepal group, challenged the government’s justification, accusing the provincial government of not implementing even when he presented point-wise activities to be carried out by the government.

He also demanded collection of public opinion regarding federalism. With the presentation of no-confidence motion, the provincial assembly meeting has been postponed till February 1.

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