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Effective implementation of resolution motion stressed

Published on : 21 January, 2021 11:23 am

Kathmandu : Opposition parties of Gandaki Province Assembly, Nepali Congress and Janata Samajwadi Party, have underlined the need of effective implementation of resolution motion endorsed by the Province Assembly for COVID-10 control.

At a joint press conference organized by the opposition parties on Wednesday, the lawmakers called for the government to effectively implement the motion endorsed by keeping the welfare of the people at the center.

Nepali Congress parliamentary party leader Krishna Chandra Nepali said that the resolution motion was endorsed by earlier session on the consensus between the ruling and opposition parties placing importance on the people’s welfare. Highlighting the importance of its effective enforcement, he said the main opposition party, NC, would continually keep vigilance to that end.

Province Assembly member of Janata Samajwadi Party Harisharan Acharya said they would oversee the implementation of the motion endorsed to control and prevent the coronavirus.

It may be noted that the resolution motion tabled at the province assembly on December 29 was unanimously endorsed with 13 points including free treatment of coronavirus test and widening the scope of PCR test.

The motion tabled by main opposition party leader Nepali was seconded by Acharya of Samajwadi Party, Mayanath Adhikari and Gayatri Gurung of Nepal Communist Party and Krishna Thapa of Rashtriya Janamorcha.

Regarding possible changes in ruling equation, leader Nepali said the NC has not made any official discussion and decision for now.

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