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216 accidents reported in six months in Chitwan

Published on : 21 January, 2021 3:19 pm

Kathmandu : Two hundred and sixteen road accidents have been reported in Chitwan district in the last six months of the current fiscal year.

Fifty-eight persons have died and 361 have been injured in these accidents, the District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan said.

According to the Office, most of the accidents have occurred on the East-west highway. Seventy-four traffic accidents took place on this highway, killing 22 persons.

Similarly, six people were killed in the 34 accidents that took place on the Narayangadh-Muglin road section while seven people died in 12 accidents.

Five persons were killed in 37 accidents occurred in Bharatpur Ring Road while 18 persons lost their lives in 58 traffic accidents occurred in other roads.

Most number of accidents has taken place in the month of Mangsir in the current fiscal year.

As many as 52 accidents happened in this month alone in this fiscal year.
Among the 58 casualties of traffic accidents until the month of Push in this fiscal year, 48 are male, six female one male child and a three girl child.

Three hundred and thirty-six vehicles were involved in the 216 accidents occurred in the six months period, the Office said. The highest number of vehicles involved in accident comprises 163 motorcycles.

High speed is the main reason for most traffic accidents in the district. It said 161 accidents were the result of high speed.

Similarly, 38 accidents were due to negligence by the driver, 10 were due to overtaking, seven were due to drunken driving and one accident each took place due to the pedestrian’s mistake and mechanical dysfunction.

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