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Provincial Government carrying out activities as per people’s expectation: CM Poudel

Published on : 19 January, 2021 3:17 pm

Kathmandu : Chief Minister of Bagmati province Dormani Poudel has said that Bagmati provincial government has been carrying out activities as per the people’s aspirations and expectation.

Releasing ‘Bagmati Pradesh Bikas Darpan’, a book detailing the development activities of Bagmati Province, Chief Minister Poudel expressed the view that Bagmati Province is in the front in all types of indicators including formulation of development projects, their implementation, good governance and economic development.

He added that the provincial government has been fulfilling basic needs of development like road, bride, drinking water and irrigation as well as plan of construction of tunnel route is in the phase of implementation.

Saying the government was going to give priority to electric vehicles, the Chief Minister shared that every project of Bagmati province would become example to other sectors.

He mentioned that the first periodic plan 2076/77-2080/81 has been brought into implementation, documents including sustainable development goals has been brought into implementation and work execution contract agreement has been signed with him and ministers, ministers and secretaries and office chiefs of all levels to fulfill the campaign ‘ Cultured and Happy People, Socialism-oriented Prosperous Province’.

The government has started giving a fruitful result through its works as the government has not still completed three years.

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