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National unity for sovereignty : Province Chief Sherchan

Published on : 15 January, 2021 3:02 pm

Kathmandu : Chief of Gandaki Province Amik Sherchan has said nationality and sovereignty could be protected by maintaining national unity and consensus.

At a programme organized by Tin Gaule Thakali Community to exchange greetings on the occasion of New Year 2148 of the Thakali community here today, Chief Sherchan said the relevance of national unity has gained further relevance in the present context.

“I underwent much torture for the nation and national integrity”, he reminded, adding that if anyone has planned fishing in the murky water, Nepali people would defeat him/her.

Similarly, province Chief Sherchan argued unity among various ethnicities and communities would foster nationality, and foreign meddling is unacceptable to any sovereign nation.

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