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Cloudy weather forecast for three more days

Published on : 15 January, 2021 3:07 pm

Kathmandu : The weather will likely be partly to generally cloudy for three days more, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology said.

Meteorologist Bibhuti Poudel said it will be partly to generally cloudy in most parts of the country for three more days due to the influence of the low pressure system that has developed in the south eastern Arabian Sea and the low pressure trough developed over the eastern Bihar area in India.

“However, there is no immediate possibility of heavy rainfall taking place due to the absence in the country of significant weather system causing rainfall at present,” he said.

It is said the maximum day time temperature will decrease increasing cold as the weather will be cloudy in most places of the country in the coming three days.

The weather is partly cloudy in the hilly areas of the country while dense fog has occurred in the Tarai.

It will be partly to generally cloudy in most parts of the Province no 1, the Sudurpaschim province, the Karnali province and the Gandaki province while remaining fair in the rest of the places of the country with chances of light snowfall in one or two places of the high mountainous areas of Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces towards the afternoon.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division in its latest weather bulletin states that Kathmandu’s minimum temperature was 5.5 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature was 18.2 degrees Celsius today. Similarly, the lowest minimum temperature of minus two degrees Celsius was recorded in Jomsom while the highest minimum temperature of 12.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in Dharan today.

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