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Citizen Bank sealed off in Humla: preparation on to airlift infected staff to outside hospital

Published on : 11 January, 2021 1:23 pm

Kathmandu : The branch office of Citizen Bank based in Humla district headquarters, Simkot, has been sealed off.

After two out of five staffs of the bank tested positive for the virus in an antigen test, the bank’s branch office has been sealed off since Sunday.

With this the bank’s day-today transaction has come to a halt, the bank shared. The bank has been shut down for two days following confirmation of coronavirus on a male and a female staff of the bank.

As the treatment of COVID-19-infected male staff was not seemingly possible here, preparation was on to take him to a well-appointed hospital outside the district for further treatment, informed Citizen Bank’s staff Lalu Bhandari.

Information officer at district hospital Bhakti Padera shared that preparation was underway to take the critically infected patient outside the district via helicopter.

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