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Financial aid to continue Kattik Naach

Published on : 10 January, 2021 10:23 am

Kathmandu : The Lalitpur metropolitan city has provided a financial aid of 5 million rupees to the Kattik Naach Conservation Committee. The amount will be used to set up a revolving fund for preservation of the age-old dance.

At a function held on Saturday, Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan handed over the cheque worth the amount to chairperson of the committee Kiran Chitrakar.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Maharjan said this dance based on the Bishnu Purana should be preserved as it provides entertainment while also uniting the people together. He also shared that an effort was being made to provide similar support for the promotion of the ‘Rudrayani Naach’ exhibited in Khokana and for the Harisiddhi Bhawani fair and dance in Harisiddhi of the metropolis.

The Committee chair Chitrakar said that the Kattik naach or dance is a national heritage and is becoming a medium to preserve and promote traditional culture and customs.

The Kattik naach is displayed at the Kattik dabali next to the Krishna temple in Patan every year. It is named after the month of Kattik in the lunar calendar as it is displayed throughout the month of Kattik. The dance is believed to have been started by the then King of Patan Siddhinara Singh Malla in 1697 Bikram Sambat or year.

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