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Do not be perturbed, stand for party unity: DPM Pokhrel

Published on : 6 January, 2021 3:45 pm

Kathmandu : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Secretariat member and Deputy Prime Minister, Ishwor Pokhrel has urged the party leaders and cadres to stand for unity in the party abiding by the previous agreements.

In a meeting with the party leaders and cadres here today, he said the party unity and the unity among the communists was necessary for the welfare of the country and the people, and urged all the leaders and cadres to stand firmly in favour of party unity.

Stating that it was wrong for the leaders in the NCP that has moved forward learning lessons from the past party splits to engage themselves in blaming each other at present, leader Pokhrel urged the party leaders and cadres to take the facts and truth to the people.

“I urge the party leadership to go to the people along with the agreements reached for party unity and which one these were implemented. Throwing invectives at each other will not fulfill the achievements of the communist movement,” he said.
Leader Pokhrel argued that the NCP which has KP Sharma Oli as the Chair is the legitimate NCP as the accepted practice is that the party general secretary calls the party’s meeting with the approval of the party Chair.

On the occasion, DPM Pokhrel recalled that the then CPN (UML) had constructed shelters for hundreds of people displaced from their homes and compelled to live under the open sky after the devastating earthquake in 2015 and asked where the NCP was when the whole country was suffering from the coronavirus pandemic and its adverse impact.

He also called on the party cadres to publicize the ‘commendable’ works done by the government in favour of the people and protecting the nationality and livelihood. DPM urged the rank and file in the party to work towards achieving the national aspiration of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ and not go after instigation by some ‘irresponsible’ leaders.

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