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Dipping temperature hits hard normal life in Humla

Published on : 6 January, 2021 11:33 am

Kathmandu : Humla’s normal life is getting tougher with sharp decline in temperature following snowfall and rain. As Humla is a high-hill district local people here have experienced troubled life after abrupt drop in mercury particularly in the district headquarters Simkot and northern Tamkha rural municipality area.

Snowfall has gripped higher hill of the district including Simkot since Sunday afternoon. Cold wave has immoderately increased with snowfall and rain in different parts of the district lately.

Locals in Humla are gathering around wood-fire to keep them warm and protect from the cold wave.
Simkot’s temperature has dropped to minus following sharp rise in cold wave with variations in weather condition since Sunday. Now Humla has witnessed minus eight degree centigrade.

Vehicles operating in and around Simkot have also been disrupted. Domestic road network around Simkot has also been obstructed with the road covered with snow.

Humla saw excessive cold wave after snowfall gripped the district up to 1,000 meters from the sea level. After gradual rise in cold wave, the traders and other general public residing in the district headquarters Simkot and its market area are putting them around wood-fire to allay cold effects.

Normal life has been mostly affected in the northern part of Humla with erratic weather changes since Sunday, locals said. The service delivery of government and non-government organizations has also been affected with all-pervasive cold.

Besides, day-to-day works have also been halted in the offices owing to unbearable cold wave. It has also badly impeded livestock rearing and crop harvesting in the district, said Kamal Bhandari, a local. Areas in and around Simkot are being covered with thick snow. It has also obstructed the people’s mobility from one place to another. Almost all residents of human settlements of the northern Humla have left their areas in search for warmer shelter.

Along the cold wave, the Simkot area has also witnessed wind storms since this morning. Snowfall seems to be continuing in the district with thick clouds in sight

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