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Bear electrocuted in Udayapu

Published on : 5 January, 2021 11:34 am

Kathmandu : A bear was electrocuted on Monday in a forest in the Chure range of Katari Municipality in Udayapur district.

The accident happened after the power from the electricity transmission line got supplied to the soaked land killing the wild bear, according to Division Forest Office, Katari.

Assistant Forest Office of Division Forest Office Hiralal Sharma said that power from the transmission line being expanded along the Mirchaiya-Katari got leaked in some parts of the forest and land, which electrocuted the roaming bear in the forest.

Assistant Forest Officer Sharma said that such incidents are quite frequent in the forest areas for lack of proper management of power in the forest areas.

The locals have also called for proactive role of the concerned bodies and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to immediately resolve such issues.

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