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Wildlife rescue centre established

Published on : 4 January, 2021 11:40 am

Kathmandu : A wildlife rescue centre has been established in the district for the protection of wounded and helpless animals.

According to the Division Forest Office Salyan, the centre has been arranged to treat wounded wildlife, feed helpless animals, rear them properly and release to their habitat after recovery.

Division Forest Officer Ramesh Kumar Giri shared that the centre was put in place to protect, manage and best use the overall ecosystem of the wildlife.

The wildlife rescue centre was first of its kind in the district, he further informed. “There are several instances where wildlife have been wounded. There was no arrangement of treatment to the wounded wildlife before. With the placement of the centre, the problem has been resolved”.

“Wildlife under human subdue and those attacked by other wild animals and dogs and hit by vehicles would be preserved in the centre. Once cured they would be released to their natural habitat”, he said.

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