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CM will defeat no confidence motion: Minister Phunyal

Published on : 3 January, 2021 11:40 am

Kathmandu : Minister for physical infrastructure of Bagmati Rameswar Phunyal has said that the provincial government will face the no-confidence motion with a success.

He said Chief Minister Dormani Poudel will be able to gain a vote of trust from the provincial assembly and complete his five-year tenure.

He also claimed that some of the signatures in the no-confidence motion were forged. Phunyal said the campaign started to sow the seed of instability will be defeated.

Stating that the no-confidence motion is an obstacle to the campaign of bringing prosperity to the province, he said it was introduced by people who were alarmed of the development achieved by the provincial government in near three years of its formation. “The motion was registered using fake signatures by people with a mal-intention trying to show the government as an unsuccessful one,” he said.

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