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Bridge construction sees 60 percent progress in nine years

Published on : 1 January, 2021 1:42 pm

Kathmandu : Nine years have elapsed since the construction of a bridge over the Kandra River at Bhajani municipality-3 of Kailali began.

The bridge construction has so far witnessed merely 60 percent progress during the time.

As part of the Postal Highway the bridge construction was initiated in 2011. When the bridge construction remained stagnated, the people’s dream of travelling through the bridge has been shattered.

The contract was awarded to Biruwa Lamaselpa Sherpa Company to complete the construction in two and a half years. However, the progress is snail-paced.

Locals have been facing a big trouble when the bridge is not constructed in the period of nine years, said Sitaram Chaudhary of Bhajani municiplaity-3.

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