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NC marking national unity and reconciliation day

Published on : 31 December, 2020 11:45 am

Kathmandu : Nepali Congress (NC) is marking the national unity and reconciliation day across the country by organizing several programmes today.

The historical party Nepali Congress has been observing the Poush 16 as the national reconciliation day. It was the day when the party founder BP Koirala and other veteran leaders returned the country after ending a long hiatus of exile in India.

On the occasion, NC is observing the 45th national reconciliation day by organizing public rally, seminar, corner meet and talk programmes in all 77 districts of the country today, shared NC office chief secretary Krishna Prasad Poudel.

Nepal’s first people-elected Prime Minister BP Koirala, iron man Ganeshman Singh, leaders Shailaja Acharya and Khum Bahadur Khadka among others had repatriated putting forth the principle of national unity nad reconciliation on Poush 16, 2033 BS so as to safeguard the sovereignty of the country.

BP Koirala had returned the country to protect its sovereignty from the then political interference in the South Asia, ignoring the prosecution order against him.
On the occasion, BP had noted the urgency of reconciliation between the people’s power (political parties) and palace power (King) for the safeguarding of country’s sovereignty.

The then Panchayati regime had arrested BP, Ganeshman and other leaders from the airport and directly took them to the Sundarijal jail.

Earlier, the then King Mahendra had deposed the people-elected PM BP Koirala, his government and the parliament in 2017 BS to introduce the party-less Panchayati system.

It may be noted that BP Koirala, also a renowned name in the Nepali literature, had authored popular collection of fictions and novels during his jail life in Sundairjal.

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