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‘Prosperity stems from agriculture’

Published on : 29 December, 2020 11:52 am

Kathmandu : At a time when the people’s representatives are blamed of chanting the slogan of ‘prosperity’ but avoiding any substantial responsibility, a ward member here has devoted himself in agriculture. Ward member of Galkot Municipality-11 of Baglung district, Shyam Shrees, has involved in agriculture for 10 years.

Shrees has commercial vegetable farming, beekeeping and poultry farming. Although his time is spent much in politics after being elected the ward member, he has not stopped agriculture but continued it by involving all family members in it.

Many youths from Galkot left for abroad- Europe and Japan for employment and study, but Shrees began his career in agriculture since early age of 22. “After I completed SLC, I began commercial farming. Although many friends left village, I had no plan for abroad. If we keep on diligence in agriculture, we can earn a lot within the country,” he shared.

He had begun apiary with just five hives twelve years back. It has now been expanded to 70 modern hives. He owns Galkot Ghumte beekeeping farm. Gradually, he expanded his business and even launched poultry farming.

Shrees shared the plan that he would expand the hives to 100 by coming March.

Vegetable farming is another agriculture he has done. There are four temporary tunnels for growing tomato, cauliflower, cabbage and other leafy vegetables. “My major profession is beekeeping. However, to be financially robust, I’ve poultry farming and vegetables as well. In a good season, 700 kgs of honey is produced. Similarly, there are at least 700 chickens in the farm,” he explained with pride.

According to him, he sold the honey of some half million rupees last year, which he argued, was comparatively less due to adverse weather. Similar amount was the income from poultry farming in a year. One kg of honey is sold at Rs 1,000.

In total, Shrees makes Rs 1.2 million every year. He gets assistance from parents and wife in his commercial works.

As a people’s representative, he needs to spend time with different people. So, he manages time properly- he finishes works on time before attending the meeting at ward level.

Local Apis cerana species of bee is kept by him. He suggests that the weather for beekeeping was appropriate at Righa village.

The products are sold from his own farm so far. He sold the vegetables of Rs 60,000 in the last month alone. Shrees argues, ‘prosperity stems from agriculture’ and requests others to promote it to prop up the prosperity campaign.

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