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Humla people elated over electricity facility

Published on : 29 December, 2020 11:50 am

Kathmandu : The people from northern belt of Humla district have been happy to have electricity in ten years of the hydropower construction.

A total of 250 households from Kholsi of Simkot Rural Municipality-8 and Lamakholsi, Khagalgaon and Gumba of Namkha Rural Municipality-3 have been provided the electricity facility. With this, they became free of wood-candle.

“Earlier, we were bound to use wood splinter (sallo) as candle. Few people had solar light. Now we are happy to get the electricity,” said Danta Singh from Kholsi village.

The Chhiphunbo micro-hydropower generating 28 KW electricity was distributed to 90 households at Kholsi, 100 households of Khagalgaon, 40 households of Lamakholsi and 20 from Gumba.

Adhar Bikas Nepal has been providing the electricity free of cost to these families. Another local Dipak Singh observed that only few people could have light, but the assistance by Adhar Bikas has freely provided the facility.

The project was completed with the cost of Rs 30 million which was the combined assistance from rural municipalities, provincial and federal governments and the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre. Even the locals provided voluntary labour.

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