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Budget Rs 7.8 million allocated for conserving endangered Red Panda

Published on : 28 December, 2020 1:15 pm

Kathmandu : Sandakpur rural municipality has signed a contract of Rs 7.8 million for the conservation of endangered wildlife Red Panda. The wildlife is to be managed in around 200 ropani land at Maipatal of Sulubung in Sandakpur.

Maipatal is a popular area for Red Panda. The rural municipality is carrying out the rare wildlife conservation in collaboration with the Red Panda Network. The rural municipality has engaged the contractor for creating environment for the management and protection of Red Panda in the area.

Spokesperson of the rural municipality Giriraj Khanal, arrangement of caretaker will also be made for the management and protection of the wildlife. Big trees will also be cut down for enabling protective environment for the Red Panda. “Saplings of local species however will be planted”, he added.

The rural municipality has also prepared necessary structures for the management of the endangered species.

Meanwhile, the rural municipality has developed a plan to plant saplings of various species in 700 ropani land at Jauwari for the management of the Red Panda. The plantation drive has been put in place for the conservation of the wildlife as well as the protection of wildlife route.


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