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Violence on girl child increases in Kaski

Published on : 22 December, 2020 11:59 am

Kaski: The incidents of sexual assault and harassment against girls have increased in Kaski district, according to data published by the Informal Sector Services Centre (INSEC), a human rights organization.

The data showing this trend were shared in the preliminary review programme of the Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2021. Statistics maintained by INSEC shows that 18 girls were the victims of sexual violence from January to date in 2020. Six girls were the victims of sexual assault during the corresponding period last year. Similarly, three boys suffered sexual assault from January to date in 2020. Likewise, the data shows that eight women were either the victims of rape or attempt to rape and sexual harassment in the district during this period.

INSEC records shows that two incidents of murders – one committed by family member and another by others; three incidents of arbitrary arrest by the state side and one incident of racial discrimination were recorded in the district in 2020.


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