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What makes men unhappy?

Published on : 21 December, 2020 5:34 pm

Scientists have done a study which has discovered new facts about what makes men the happiest and what saddens them.

The study that was done for 14 long years in 6 thousand families of USA on the basis of frustration, existential crisis, agony, grief and all negative emotions.

The study has found out that men are mostly unhappy when they have to be financially dependent on their wife. On the other hand, they seem the happiest when the financial burden of the family is divided in 60-40 ratio with their wife, 60% being theirs and remaining their wives’.

Hence, men aren’t happy if they have to depend on their wife in terms of money nor are they happy if their wives are unemployed.

To be precise, 40% of their wife’s contribution in household expenses makes them the most happiest. “But if the wives start earning more than them then, they start getting frustrated or unhappy,” says Dr. Joanna Syrda, the economist in University of Bath.

During the 80’s, only 10% of women earned more than their husband, shows study.  But today’s American scenario says something different. Both women and men of one among every 3 houses have equal earning.

According to Syrda, being the main economic source of family has deep-rooted impact on men’s mentality.

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