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Bareng rural municipality launches ‘library in every ward’ campaign

Published on : 15 December, 2020 11:47 am

Kathmandu : Bareng rural municipality has launched the ‘One ward, one primary library’ campaign to develop reading culture and help the school-age children. A campaign has begun to establish five libraries in the rural municipality.

The primary library would be established in any one school at the ward level. Chairperson of the rural municipality, Krishna Prasad Sharma, said that the library is going to be set up in school to make curriculum based learning practical.
Sharma shared, “Investment in education is the overall development of the society. Curriculum is not enough for reading culture and practical knowledge. “

He opined that the campaign would be effective for the reform and expansion of educational sector. The rural municipalities would ask proposal from the schools selected for the same and five libraries would be established as per the proposal brought by schools.

Chief Administrative Officer Ramesh Thapa expressed view that the library established in schools would help both—students and teachers, adding library is the important component of educational reform.

The rural municipality has to provide at least Rs 20,000 to establish library and the school itself has to make arrangement of building for library, added Thapa.

Different types of books including books related to the school curriculum would be kept in the library. Chairperson Sharma further said that though one ward one library campaign has been started for the time being, a plan has been made to set up library in every school.

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