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Wild elephant kills one in Sunsari

Published on : 14 December, 2020 11:27 am

Kathmandu : A youth was killed in an elephant attack here this morning. The deceased is Pramod Yadav, 28, of Shreepurjabdi of Koshi rural municipality-7.

According to a local Dharmendra Mehata, the elephant that was returning to the Koshi Wildlife Reserve attacked Yadav as he was working on his farm at Koshi rural municipality-7, killing him on the spot. It is believed that the wild animal had exit the Reserve on Sunday evening.

A team comprising the Reserve employees, Nepal Army personnel and the Nepal Police personnel has reached the site to further investigate into the incident.

Locals have demanded effective measures to save people from the attack from wild animals which are frequent at the locality.

Different sorts of wild animals mainly elephants, wild buffaloes and wild boar from the Reserve enter the settlement and go on rampage attacking locals and destroying crops.


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