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Access to education for children with disabilities highlighted

Published on : 14 December, 2020 11:38 am

Kathmandu : The speakers in a programme here have called for coordinated effort among the three-tier government and communities to ensure the children with disabilities access education during the ongoing pandemic.

At the programme organized virtually in association of the Australian Embassy in Nepal and Society of Education Journalists here today, the speakers viewed that the people with disabilities would not get easy access to teaching learning activities during the crisis until the Education Policy was enforced.

Speaking in the programme, National Assembly member Dr Bimala Poudel opined that the all three governments in the country should be active to guarantee all kind of children’s access to education.

Educationist Prof Dr Basudev Kafle urged to set up a centre for knowledge, information and resources at local level and such centres would always be useful the time of crisis.

Stating that the National Education Policy could not attach high importance to inclusive education, he suggested formulating inclusive mechanism for effective enforcement of national and international conventions.

National Human Rights Commission’s representatives Hari Gyawali and Joint-Spokesperson at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Dr Divya Dawadi called for cooperation from all quarters to augment the government’s effort to ensure inclusiveness in the current National Education Policy.

Education Group’s coordinator Dr Laxmi Poudel pressed for three-tier government to be more eloquent for effective implementation of the National Education Policy. She also underscored collaboration with the non-governmental agencies.

Sudarshan Subedi, one of the organizers, said that the people with disabilities bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and stressed that the government should be more serious towards them.

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