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Livestock Insurance programme to save snow leopard

Published on : 9 December, 2020 11:48 am

Dolpa, Dec 9 (RSS): Livestock Insurance Programme has been implemented to save rare animal, snow leopard.
The Livestock Insurance Programme has been implemented at the settlements located near Shey-Phoksundo National Park and buffer zone for the first time targeting the farmers involved in animal husbandry.

According to the Park, the programme has been implemented to conserve snow leopard by decreasing farmer’s conflict towards snow leopard lessening casualties of domestic animals from wildlife including snow leopard and wolf.

A four-day training was imparted to farmers at Dunai to make a clear concept of livestock insurance among local farmers as animal husbandry is their main income source. Officiating Chief Conservation Officer at the Park, Sarojmani Poudel, said that the livestock insurance programme has been implemented for the first time to save the snow leopard as Shey-Phoksundo National Park is the habitat of snow leopard.

The main objective of the programme is to prevent farmers from killing wild animals in aggression once wildlife make any casualties to domestic animals like yak, sheep of farmers involved in commercial animal husbandry, according to the Park.

The Livestock Insurance Programme of Rs 1 million is going to be implemented at Dolphu of Mugu under Snow Leopard and Prey Species Conservation Programme launched at Shey-Phoksundo National Park and Buffer Zone at the grant of World Wildlife Fund.
Shey-Phoksundo National parks covers the parts of Dolpa and Mugu districts.

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