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Vivaan Kabir awarded as Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India 2020

Published on : 7 December, 2020 8:19 am

Kathmandu : Mr. Vivaan Kabir, Youth Activist from Mumbai has been awarded with the title of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India 2020.

Glocal Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with CYDA (the India Partner) announced the winner of the second edition of Glocal Teen Hero India 2020 virtually today.

Mr. Vivaan Kabir is a 17 years old Youth Activist from Mumbai. He is extremely passionate about politics, International relations and sustainability for all.

He have founded the South Asian Youth X-Change, which is the first multilateral youth e-summit connecting student leaders from 8 countries on vital issues like peace, sustainability, education and more. He is also the Vice President of the UN Young Change makers Conclave, which inspires change through thought in Indian changemakers. He has also worked to bring political awareness to a younger demographic by taking part in and organizing over 15 Model UN conferences.

Mr. Kabir was selected from among top 6 finalists in the competition; Mr. Ratneshwaran Praveenan (Technopreneur, 17 years, Bengaluru); Mr. Kanhaiya Varshney (Educationalist, 19 Years, Delhi); Ms. Aditi Jain (Entrepreneur, 16 Years, Delhi); Mr. Rohan Kodag (Environmentalist, 16 Years, Pune); Ms. Saumya Tomar (Activist, 18 Years, Ghaziabad) & Mr.
Vivaan Kabir (Youth Activist, 17 years, Mumbai).

Glocal Teen Hero is the platform for teenagers to identify and honor the outstanding teenagers whose creativity, commitment, experience and strong leadership has helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging environment.

This award recognize and honor the exceptional teen whose work is sustainable and who can think out of the box addressing the issues and creating the impact in the society. Fostering a collaborative community among recipients and strengthening national recognition of today’s young leaders is a primary goal of the Glocal Teen Hero Award.

With the aim to initiate Glocal Teen Hero in all over South Asia, Glocal has moved this opportunity to South Asian Teenagers for their encouragement and development. India is the first country to host the Glocal Teen Hero franchise. Monishwaran Maheswaran, Young Innovator was the winner of GTH Hero India, 2019. And, the winner for the second edition of Wai Wai
Glocal Teen Hero India, 2020 was announced today amidst the virtual award gala of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India, 2020.

Mr. Asish Thakur, Executive Director at Glocal Pvt. Ltd. shared – “Glocal Teen Hero India has been a great platform for Indian teenagers to network with delegates from various industries in India. It is an opportunity of life time, not only to the winner, but all the applicants, finalists and other teenagers to develop themselves through networking, collaboration and pooling of opportunities.”

Out of a total of 154 applications for Glocal Teen Hero India, the selection was based on their resume, the evidence and an essay on their accomplishment. These six teens also went through a four days self-competency workshop, where they were trained about different issues from prominent speakers from India.

You can find more information about Glocal Teen Hero India here:

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