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Elderly woman believed to be over 100 years awaits citizenship certificate

Published on : 7 December, 2020 11:05 am

Kathmandu : Chhattramaya Magar of Kamalamai Rural Municipality-13 in Sindhuli district is believed to be over 100 years. But she still lacks important document as the citizenship certificate of Nepal to validate her age.

She is also bereft of the State-rendered facilities in lack of such a document. “The financial situation of my grandson upon whom I am dependant on is also weak. I am overlooked by the State. If I had elderly allowance, it would be financially easier for my grandson to look after me.”

Chhatramaya was on her own for five years following the demise of her husband. Padam Bahadur Ranamagar has been taking care of her since then. “I had heard that the government has introduced schemes to secure the elderly people like me but nobody seems to paying attention to my Statelessness,” she lamented.

She wished that the local concerned agencies would do the needful to distribute citizenship certificate to her despite being her in the ebb of her life.

She does not have anyone left in her natal home for her to justify her legal standing for procuring the citizenship certificate. Ekraj Pahadi, a local, said that the elderly woman has been devoid of the State facilities in lack of the document.

The elderly woman said that her natal home was at the then Hatapate Village Development Committee in the district and there were none any kith and kin from her parents’ side.

Kamalamai Municipality Mayor Khadga Bahadur Khatri said that they came to learn about Chhattramaya in a programme organized during last Dashain festival to honour the elderly citizens aged 100 and above.

Mayor Khatri said that they would make necessary efforts to grant Chhattramaya her citizenship identity card. The Municipality would also formulate welfare programmes for the elderly citizens in the Municipality.

Chief District Officer of Sindhuli Yogendra Prasad Pandey said that Chhattramaya would get all the papers if all necessary details and evidences were provided to them.

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