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Community schools in Kalikot remain open after nine months

Published on : 7 December, 2020 11:08 am

Kathmandu : Community schools in Kalikot district have remained open after a closure of nine months due to ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic.

All community schools at nine local levels in the district have opened from today, acting on the direction of local level, a body vested with authority to resume classes at local level, in this regard.

Community schools in Tilagupha Municipality that were opened from July 30 were closed again following increasing coronavirus infection cases, said the Municipality mayor Ratan Bahadur Shahi. “From now on, schools in the Municipality would continue classes.

In case of children suffering from fever, they would be asked to stay home and get treatment. The local government is aware of students’ future,” he said.

Raskot Municipality has allowed community schools to open by following health guidelines against the infection, said Prabhu Lal Neupane, chief of the education section at the Municipality. “All schools in the Municipality have been directed to resume classes.

Schools will be open by following health guidelines as students have been affected the most due to classes halted for long as a result of the infection,” he said.

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