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Lumbini Province reports 823 incidents of domestic violence in first quarter

Published on : 4 December, 2020 8:56 am

Kathmandu : Eight hundred and twenty three incidents of domestic violence have taken place in Lumbini Province in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

The Province Police Office Dang stated that this many incidents occurred in the 12 districts of the province. Senior Superintendent of Police at the Office Raj Kumar Baidawar said the incidents of domestic violence have decreased this year compared to the previous years.

The highest number of incidents of domestic violence were reported in Banke district until Kattik (Mid-November) of the current Fiscal Year 2020/21. According to SSP Baidawar, 272 incidents of domestic violence were reported in Banke, 161 incidents were reported in Rupandehi, 91 incidents were reported in Kapilbastu, 82 incidents were reported in Nawalparasi and 56 incidents were reported in Dang.

Similarly, Bardia recorded 38 incidents of domestic violence, Rolpa reported 34 incidents, Arghakhanchi recorded 32 incidents, Gulmi recorded 26 incidents, Palpa reported 14 incidents, Pyuthan recorded 13 incidents and Rukum Purba reported four incidents during the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

SSP Baidawar said among the incidents, 477 occurred in the farming families, 268 incidents occurred on housewives, 27 on workers, nine on students, 13 on unemployed persons, 20 on traders, eight on employees and one on a foreign migrant worker. He added that among the victims include 736 women and 87 men.

The highest number of domestic violence is found to have taken place on people between 26 years to 35 years. Three hundred and seventy-six incidents of domestic violence took place on people of this age group while 225 incidents of domestic violence took place against people between 16 years to 25 years, 205 incidents took place against the people belonging to 36 to 45 years age group and 123 incidents took place against people of 46 to 60 years age group.

Among the accused on violence against women, 249 are women and 696 are men. Highest number of incidents (155) are related to rape, 51 are related to attempted rape, 44 are related to polygamy, four are related to child marriage, six are related to witchery charge, three are related to caste discrimination and practice of untouchability, three are related to unnatural sex, 10 are related to child sexual abuse, two are related to illegal abortion, six are related to human trafficking.

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