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Foundation stones laid for Bagmati State buildings

Published on : 25 November, 2020 11:12 am

Kathmandu : Chief Minister of Bagmati State, Dormani Poudel has said the three-tier governments could utilize the common property of the state.

Laying a foundation stone for the Assembly Building of the Office of the Chief Minister of Bagmati State this morning, CM Poudel shared that though the Bagmati State government is constructing the assembly building for the office of the Chief Minister, it could be used by other government bodies as per the need.

The assembly building is to be constructed at the office’s land at Hetauda sub-metropolis-2. He said the state government would construct permanent structures gradually adding the temporary mentality is being disappeared with the declaration of permanent capital of the state.

Urging the construction company to timely complete the construction of the building, the Chief Minister warned of taking action if the construction works do not complete on time. Similarly, Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati Province, Rameshwor Phuyal shared that several development activities such as construction of roads, taps and housing for homeless people are underway.

Mayor of Hetauda sub-metropolis, Hari Bahadur Mahat, expressed the view that the sub-metropolis has successfully gained achievements while carrying out works in collaboration with state government. Meanwhile, Speaker of Bagmati Province, Sanu Kumar Shrestha laid the stone foundation for State Assembly building at Hetauda-10 today itself.

On the occasion, Speaker Shrestha said that the state government has been involved in developing several structures including state assembly building and office of the Chief Minister at the same place.

Likewise, Physical Infrastructure Development Minister, Phuyal, shared that each development and construction activity has been expedited on the participation of three tiers of government as well as the people.

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