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6 killed, Taliban camp destroyed in airstrike in N. Afghanistan: military

Published on : 24 November, 2020 11:21 am

Kathmandu : Six Taliban militants were killed and four others wounded after Afghan Air Force (AAF) struck a Taliban camp in a remote area in the country’s northern Balkh province, the military said on Tuesday.

“The precise airstrike was conducted by AAF based on a confirmed intelligence report in Zari district at 12:45 p.m. Monday. The Taliban camp used as a control and command center was destroyed by the sortie,” army’s Corps 209 Shaheen based in the region said in a statement.

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have been continuing cleanup operations across Afghanistan since early this year as daily violence and clashes remain in the country.

They remain in control of most of Afghanistan’s population centers and all of 34 provincial capitals, but Taliban insurgents control large portions of rural areas, staging coordinated large-scale attacks against Afghan cities and districts from time to time.The militant group has not responded to the report so far. Xinhua

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