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PCR report mandatory for Mardi and Machhapuchhre trekking

Published on : 4 November, 2020 6:50 am

Kathmandu : With the rise in the influx of domestic tourists following Dashain, the trekkers mandatorily need to have PCR report before embarking on trekking along the two popular routes of the districts.

The measure was made mandatory so as to prevent the potential transmission of coronavirus infection in the district. The tourism entrepreneurs have decided that those coming for trekking along the Mardi Mountain and Machhapuchhre model trek route should compulsorily bring PCR report with negative results since November 7 onward.

Machhapuchhre Model Trek management Committee secretary Kul Prasad Adhikari said that a meeting of the ward chairs of Machhapuchhre rural municipality-7, 8 and 9, tourism management committee Australian camp, Mardi trek tourism management committee, Mardi trek tourism management committee, Machhapuchhre model trek management committee and other stakeholders decided to adopt health protocol and operate the business in a safer manner.

“Number of trekkers have immoderately increased in Mardi and Machhapuchhre after Dashain celebrations. We have made PCR report mandatory to go for trekking in order to lessen the risk of the coronavirus transmission”, he added.

Inflow of domestic tourists has gone up along the Mardi and Machhapuchhre trekking routes after the world popular Annapurna trekking has been closed down for indefinite time.

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