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Receiving and offering Tika, Jamara continues, Panchanga Samiti

Published on : 29 October, 2020 8:46 am

Kathmandu : Receiving blessings along with tika and jamara from elders and seniors continues on the third day after the Bijaya Dashami today. According to the Nepal Panchanga Nirnaya Samiti, the tika will continue until the final sacrifices and offerings are made on the full moon day.

The Samiti also clarified there was no scriptural truth on the circulations through social media that tika should not be received in the Dashain which happened to fall on the Nepali month of Kartik (17 October onward).

Samiti chair Prof Dr Ramchandra Gautam called for one and all to not believe on such misleading dissemination as tika and jamara can be received and offered during Aswin bright lunar fortnight.

“There is auspicious time for receiving and offering tika and jamara until full moon day (Kogagrat Poornima) by adopting safety measures to remain away from the transmission of coronavirus”, Gautam said. He also underlined the need to investigate into the incident of spreading rumours and misleading people.

In addition, religious leaders and experts have called on the general public to understand the religious assumptions of the cultural festivals and perpetuate their practices accordingly by not swayed away from the rumour that are targeted against fundamental cultural values of Sanatan practices.

Chief of Nepal Sanskrit University Balmiki Vidhyapeeth’s Department of Theology Prof Dr Devmani Bhattarai said the organized attacks have been made against the Vedic belief system and traditions for the past few years so heightened level of awareness was a need to cut through such rumours and continue our cultural practices.

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