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Coronavirus infection rate on declining trend in Kavre

Published on : 29 October, 2020 8:52 am

Kathmandu : Kavrepalanchowk district has witnessed declining trend of coronavirus transmission rate and increasing its infection recovery rate.

According to the district-based COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Post, only one was diagnosed with the virus infection in the district on Wednesday. Number of infected who returned from hospital after recovery has reached 105 in Kavre.

Not a single coronavirus infected case was detected in the district on Tuesday. Number of people returning home after recovery on the same day was 18, the post shared.

As many as 16 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in 48 hours prior to Sunday while the infection rate following this has declined.

As informed by the post, 71 percent or 1,078 infected among total 1,533 infected people including 599 women have been recovered from the coronavirus in the district as of Wednesday.

Out of the infected people, 10 male and seven women have already lost their lives to the virus.

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