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Baglung Municipality closes services indefinitely

Published on : 12 October, 2020 9:32 am

Kathmandu : The Baglung Municipality has halted all its services, except the most essential ones, for an indefinite period from today after coronavirus infection was confirmed in some of its officials and health workers.

Municipality’s Information Officer Yukta Prasad Subedi said the Municipality has suspended all services other than the essential ones after coronavirus infection was confirmed in the community level including the municipality’s health workers and people’s representatives.

The municipality has taken this measure following confirmation of the infection in municipality officials, health workers and the locals of Baglung Bazaar.

Coronavirus infection was confirmed in 47 people in Baglung district on Saturday alone and a majority of them from surrounding areas of Baglung Bazaar.

The Municipality has started contact tracing after one of its health worker and a people’s representative were found infected.
The Municipality has suspended all services except the essential ones at all its 14 wards.

Five hundred and twenty-five people have the infection in Baglung district so far. Of them, 367 have recovered and are free of the virus while one person has died. The number of active cases in the district is 157.

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