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Shey Phoksundo National Park to patrol using drone camera

Published on : 7 October, 2020 12:10 pm

Kathmandu : Shey Phoksundo National Park of Dolpa is to carry out patrolling through drone camera to stop poaching. The Park is to watch out for poachers by using modern drone camera in the Park area to stop poaching during winter.

The sixteenth meeting of District-level Wildlife Crime Control Unit held at Phoksundo took the decision in this regard. Chief Conservation Officer Sarojmani Poudel said that the meeting made significant decisions as monitoring the park through drone technology as the sentry posts are merged during winter, demanding additional number of security force, taking initiative at centre to correct the Yarsagumba collection guideline and realigning the Network of Wildlife Crime Control Unit as per the federalism.

He said the Park would carry out supervision through modern technology as wildlife are killed during winter season as locals along with cattle used to migrate to warmer areas for around six months to escape the cold.

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